Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage


Community Property

Separate Property

Pensions—Domestic Relations Orders

Life Insurance

Disability Benefits

Voluntary Retirement Incentive Benefits

Stock Options

Real Property

Family Business

Spousal Support

Effect of Bankruptcy on Spousal Support

Child Support

Gross Income

Net Disposable Income

Collecting Support

Intercept Programs

Unemployment/Disability Interception

Internal Revenue Service Interception

Franchise Tax Board Interception

License Suspension

Writ of Execution

Child Support Security Account or Electronic Funds Transfer


Effect of Bankruptcy on Child Support

Out of State Child Support Orders

Tax Issues

Child Custody

Types of Custody Arrangements



Supervised (Monitored) Visitation

Change in Custody—"Move-Away" Cases

Modification of Orders

Modification of Child Support

Modification of Child Custody

Modification of Spousal Support


Marital Relationship

Non-Marital Relationships

Artificial Insemination and Surrogacy

Pre-Marital Agreements

Domestic Violence

Living Together