California Renter’s Credit



NOTE: The information on this fact sheet is BASIC information to help determine whether you MAY qualify for the California Renter’s Credit.  Do NOT rely on this information alone in determining your eligibility for the credit.  Consult the instructions for your tax return or your tax adviser for more information.



What it is: A non-refundable credit worth $60 ($120 for married, joint filers) that you can apply to your California income tax if you lived in a rental property for more than half the year in 2000.


How you get it: Fill out “Nonrefundable Renter’s Credit Qualification Record” (available in the California income tax return booklet) for your own tax records (don’t send the form to the FTB with your tax return).  File either a California form 540 (complete line 31), 540A (line 19), or 540 2EZ (line 13) tax return. 


Rules:   1) You must have lived in a rental unit for at least half of 2000.


2) You cannot have total income of more than $26,599 if you are single, or more than $53,198 if you are married (joint filers only), or a qualifying widow or meet the requirements of a head of household.


3) You or your spouse may not have claimed the homeowner’s property tax exemption for any part of the year 2000 (unless you lived separately from your spouse during 2000, and your spouse claimed the exemption, but you did not claim it and you would otherwise qualify for it).