Individual Income Taxes

NOTE: Do NOT rely on this information alone in figuring your taxes and determining your deductions, and credits. Consult your tax adviser for more information.

The federal government provides a number of credits you can take on your tax return that reduce the amount of income tax you may owe. Some credits, like the earned income tax credit will pay a refund even if you don't owe any taxes! For California taxpayers, there are several California credits that can be taken on your California return.

We've compiled several information pages to help you with your individual income tax return. The list of links on our web site, below provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding personal, individual income tax return preparation. All information is current for income tax returns for calendar year 2000 income taxes.

The pages on the links below are best viewed by opening each link in a new window. Just position your mouse over the selected link and then right click on it. A short list of choices will appear. Click on "open in new window" and a full screen of the selected link will appear. When you are finished viewing a page, just close the window and the main list of tax pages will remain available.

Do I Have to File a Return?

Earned Income Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

California Renter's Credit

Child and Dependent Care Expenses

California Dependent Care Credit (Refundable!)

Education Credits

Adoption Credits

Can I File a 1040EZ?

Can I File a California 540 2EZ?

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable

Do I Have to Pay Income Tax on my Tips?

Who is a Dependent?

What is My Filing Status? Can I Claim Head of Household?

Standard Deductions