The policy of the state of California is to provide minor children with "frequent and continuing contact" with both parents. Visitation may be curtailed, supervised (monitored), or, in extreme cases, denied, if contact with the non-custodial parent would be harmful to the child. An example of an extreme case would be a situation involving an incarcerated parent. Courts will generally not order a minor child to be brought to a jail or prison for visitation with an incarcerated parent.

The court system encourages parents to work out a visitation schedule mutually agreeable to both parents, keeping in mind the best interests of their children. Work and school schedules should be considered, as well as holiday times, birthdays, and summer vacation. A "typical" visitation schedule allows the nonĖcustodial parent visitation every other weekend from Friday to Sunday nights, with at least one over-night visit during the week in weeks in which there is no weekend visitation. Birthdays and holidays should be shared equally. The children should be with their Mother on Motherís Day, and with their Father on Fatherís Day. The visitation schedule should also provide for some (suggest 2) weeks of uninterrupted vacation with each parent during the year.


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